In this session you will get fundamentals of Azure SQL PaaS (Platform as a Service) options from DBA perspective. I will go over Azure SQL DB and Managed Instance options first and then describe what are the differences between the two and why would you choose one over the other. Azure SQL is a very mature Microsoft product and can handle enterprise level SQL Server workload while providing security, high availability and performance for your data. I will also explain the main differences in supporting databases on-premises versus Azure SQL to alleviate your fears if you have one that is what is blocking you from adopting Azure SQL. If you are a DBA or your organization is considering moving to Azure Cloud, this session is for you.


Ameena Lalani

Ameena Lalani is a SQL Server veteran and started her journey with SQL Server 2000. She works at Microsoft as a Customer Engineer. She has implemented numerous High Availability and Disaster Recovery solutions at various companies. Ameena imparts high quality training to her customers. She is a Microsoft Certified Trainer. She holds other certifications; Azure Associate Administrator and MCSA on SQL Server 2016 Database Administration. She is a co-leader of the Chicago Suburban SQL User Group. Ameena volunteers and speaks about SQL Server and Azure SQL at various community events throughout the United States.


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