Are you tired of not knowing who’s changing what in your Azure SQL databases?

To audit Azure SQL Database, you can use the built-in functionality in the Azure portal or with Extended Events; to audit Azure SQL Managed Instance, you can use SQL Server Audit or Extended Events. With auditing, you can track changes, report on usage to auditors, or change user permissions/passwords without breaking functionality.

In this session, you will get an overview, different options available, and a demo. You will also learn how to centralize and report on your auditing data. Auditing is a key part of any proper database setup, and with this session, you can be an auditing pro in no time!


Josephine Bush is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP. She has over 10 years of experience as a Database Administrator. Her experience is extensive and broad-based, including in financial, business, and energy data sectors using SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL along with Azure and AWS. She is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert: Data Management and Analytics. She holds a BS in Information Technology, an MBA in IT Management, and an MS in Data Analytics. She presents at SQL conferences and user groups around the world. She is the leader of the Boulder SQL user group. She is the author of Learn SQL Database Programming and Practical Database Auditing. She blogs on and you can reach her on Twitter @hellosqlkitty.