In this session, you will learn how to create a YAML pipeline for continuous integration and deployment of an Azure Database in Azure DevOps. In doing so, the pipeline will create a schema drift report in the first phase that needs to be reviewed before approval before the changes are deployed to Dev, Test
and Prod. The dacpac file is then uploaded to the artifact feed for review and debugging purposes. The pipeline uses a customized SSDT project template, which also ensures that the security, such as users and permissions, are applied in an environment-specific way.

Speaker: Torsten Strauß

Torsten (MVP, MCSE, MCT) has been working with Microsoft SQL Server since the turn of the millennium and is specialized in performance optimization for large SQL Server environments.

He has been with BP as a database engineer for over two decades and collaborates closely with Sarpedon Quality Lab as a Principal Microsoft SQL Server Consultant. Torsten is the founder of and has given more than 120 presentations on Microsoft SQL Server performance optimization at national and international conferences and user groups. Torsten has been recognized as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for Data Platform since 2018.