As DBAs, one of our top priorities is keeping the organization’s data backed up and ready to be restored when needed. We also need to be prepared to answer questions about those backups. Do you have a standard backup process? Can you meet your recovery time requirements? Do you know the backups are good? Do you have documentation of your backup history and verification? Are you backing up your instance configuration as well as the databases themselves?

dbatools has a suite of versatile Powershell functions designed to help you answer those questions confidently and quickly. In this presentation filled with practical examples, we’ll take a tour of the core dbatools functions for creating, restoring, and monitoring your backups, whether you’re managing one instance or dozens of them.

Runtime is 75-90 minutes. Target audience is DBAs, Powershell experience is not necessary.


Andy Levy, Database Administrator & dbatools fanatic

Andy is a database administrator, PowerShell fan, former developer, Open Source contributor, SQL Saturday organizer and user group leader. He’s worn a number of IT hats since 1999 before landing in database administration, including web server administration and development, systems integration, and database development. When he isn’t picking queries apart and wrangling an unruly herd of databases, he can be found making BBQ ribs or planning the next family vacation with his wife.