Do you know if your database’s indexes are really being used to their fullest potential? And do you know if SQL Server needs other indexes to improve performance?

Attend this session and learn how SQL Server tracks actual index usage, and how you can make use of that information to improve the state of indexes in your database. We will use this data to identify wasteful, unused, & redundant indexes, and explore performance penalties you pay for not addressing these inefficient indexes. Finally, we will dive into the Missing Index DMV and explore the art of evaluating its recommendations to make proper indexing decisions.


Andy Yun is a Field Solutions Architect at Pure Storage, who has been with SQL Server for over 20 years as both a Database Developer and Administrator. He focuses on performance tuning, with expertise in T-SQL, storage engine internals, and monitoring. Andy strongly believes in passing knowledge on to others, regularly speaking at conferences and user groups, and mentoring industry colleagues. Andy is a former Microsoft MVP, co-founder of the Chicago SQL Association, and former co-leader of the Chicago Suburban User Group and Chicago SQL Saturday Organizing Committee.