In 2005, Linus Torvalds developed the version control system (VCS) git. Since then, it has become as platform-agnostic and ubiquitous as the internet. Microsoft has fully embraced Git. It powers modern on-premise and cloud versions of TFS (now known as Azure DevOps) as well GitHub, which Microsoft recently acquired.

What does this mean to a DBA? Whether or not you use SSDT, you should be storing your database schema in version control. In addition, your utility scripts certainly belong in version control.

In my session. We’ll cover:

How do I use SSDT to help prevent developers from using code first ORMs? What is version control? How does a distributed version control system differ from traditional version control like Visual Sourcesafe, TFS, and SVN? How do I set up git for internal use in my company? How do I host public and private repositories on GitHub? How do pull requests work? We will be covering using git from both the command line and Visual Studio.


Justin Dearing

Justin Dearing has been serving in IT capacities in various companies and industries since 2002. While mostly a Microsoft-focused developer he has also been a PHP developer, a unit admin, and an IBMi (AS/400) operator. Justin currently is a Senior consultant for Neudesic, and a Microsft-focused consulting shop.