The work of database administrators does not stop at the database level. There are many tasks that require the use of external tools to maintain and improve our databases. These tasks can be very challenging when we use a fully managed platform as a service (PaaS) such as Azure Database or Azure Elastic Pool.

Azure Logic Apps for the rescue! Azure logic apps and the Azure Database can interact in a two-way way. The database can trigger execution of logic apps and a logic app can trigger read and manipulate of the data stored in the database. For example, Azure logic Apps allow us to send email notifications triggered by DDL and DML actions in the database, it allows us to monitor database usage and database events, and it allows us to read the data stored in the database and use it in the content of the email.

For whom? Azure SQL Database is a fully “serverless” managed platform as a service (PaaS). This makes it very simple to be used without any need to maintain the host. It has a fully functional GUI using the Azure Portal, which means that we can use it without writing any code. If you are a DBA and you manage Azure databases, then this session is for you. No previous experience in developing applications is needed.

In this session I will show you how to send emails using Logic apps and interact with Azure SQL databases. I will go over common scenarios, and present practical examples with step-by-step guidance for implementing the solution. According to the time, I will show some tricks, tips, troubleshooting and automated maintenance tasks using Azure Logic Apps and the new Azure Logic App (Preview) services…

This session is a practical demonstration!


Ronen Ariely

Senior consultant and architect, data platform and application development, Microsoft MVP

Ronen Ariely is a senior consultant and architect, in the fields of data platform and application development. He has more than 15 years’ experience in variety programming languages and technologies, leading development teams, and software companies, SQL & BI enterprise level solutions. Ronen is active in communities (aka pituach) in the field of Programming, SQL Server, and T-SQL. He serves as Moderator at MSDN and as one of the Microsoft TechNet WIKI communities’ leaders. Ronen writes technical blogs, TechNet articles and blogs, and has been awarded as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional.