SQL Full text search allows you to do natural language searches in your databases. This feature of SQL Server allows you to integrate fulltext searches into your relational queries.

In this session, Hilary Cotter covers how to set up SQL FTS indexes, how to index and search binary data in your tables, how to use the language features of SQLFTS and how to query your FullText indexes to find the data what you are looking for.


Hilary Cotter

Hilary Cotteris a 20 year IT veteran who has answered over 20,000 questions on the forums. Some of them correctly. He specializes in HA technologies, especially replication, performance tuning, full-text search, and SQL Server Service Broker. Hilary is also an author, or contributor on a number of books on SQL Server.


No YouTube presentation for this, but always remember that you can get Hilary’s book at Apress Books