In the past, we have all had the need to return a result set and provide information on this with regard to a persons previous or future records. Or, alternatively, you have needed to get a single record for an individual – maybe the first, maybe the last. Doing this without windowing functions is possible but why punish yourself?! Come to learn about general windowing functions that we should all know, as well as some that you may not be aware of! For example, did you know you can use count(*) as a windowed function in addition to general aggregate?


Kevin Wilkie, Data Sherpa IntegraConnect

Kevin has 15+ years experience with SQL Server and has worked with the product since version 6.5, although he remembers with distaste the early versions of the product. He started working with SQL Server as an “Accidental” DBA, and has moved up through the ranks as a SQL Developer, a BI Associate, and Production DBA at various parts of his career. Currently, he works as a Lead Data Analyst spreading the gospel of how great data can be to anyone and everyone who will listen.