Every database administrator has come across a rogue user that executes unbounded reporting queries against the OLTP database during critical business hours. This issue might show up as a sluggish system to the end users and front end applications such as point of sale system could be affected.

How can we prevent reporting activities from impacting the sales process?

One potential solution to this problem is to deploy and configure the resource governor.

The first version of the resource governor was introduced in the 2008 version of the engine. This enterprise only feature allows you to manage SQL Server resource consumption by specify limits on the amount of CPU, physical IO, and memory that incoming application request can use. There are three key concepts with this technology: a resource pool is carved out portion of the physical resources; a work group is a collection of requests of similar priorities assigned to a resource pool, and a classification function maps a new application session to a work group.

The concepts behind the resource governor seem to be quite simple; However, there are simple guidelines that will help you from getting in trouble. For instance, allocating to many resources to one work group (set of applications) might starve another work group.

At the end of this talk, you will have a firm understand of how to start using the resource governor in your own environment.


John Miner, Data Architect Insight DI

John Miner is currently a Data Architect at Insight DI (BlueMetal) advising corporations on how to solve their business needs with data platform solutions.

He has over twenty five years of data processing experience, and his architecture expertise encompasses all phases of the software project life cycle, including design, development, implementation, and maintenance of systems.

He has an undergraduate and graduate degrees in Computer Science from the University of Rhode Island. Other credentials include an up to date MCSE certificate and currently taking the Data Science program from EDX.

Before joining BlueMetal, John won the Data Platform MVP award in 2014 and 2015 for his outstanding contributions to the SQL Server community.