The SELECT statement is one of the most used tools in our SQL toolbelt. While it’s the basis for what we do with data, it’s anything but basic. In this presentation, we will first explore how SELECT statements are processed. Then we will discuss various ways we build on to our SELECTs. We’ll also examine how and why we may or may not want to use them. At the end of the session, we will have a greater understanding of how SELECTS work and how we can approach them so we can be smarter as we write more complex statements.


Deborah Melkin, SQL Developer Advisor360

Deborah Melkin has been working as a database professional with SQL Server for almost 20 years. She spends her days helping programmers with all aspects of database design, queries, performance, and deployment. In 2016, she began her blog, Deb the DBA. Soon after that, she began speaking at SQL Saturdays and user groups. Deborah is a board member of the New England SQL Server User group (NESQL) and was named as an IDERA ACE Class of 2020. She also won Speaker Idol at PASS Summit 2019. In November 2020, she was awarded a Microsoft MVP for the Data Platform.

In her spare time, Deborah can usually be found doing something musical.