More and more organizations are turning to DevOps as a way of working together to improve the efficiency and quality of software delivery and start adding more value to the business. But what exactly is DevOps? And what does it mean for DBAs?

Join Microsoft Data Platform MVP Kendra Little to discover:

  • What is DevOps and what benefits can it offer your organization?
  • Who in your organization should be involved in DevOps?
  • Why should your organization adopt DevOps?
  • Why should DBAs want to adopt DevOps?
  • How can your organization start implementing DevOps?


Kendra Little, DevOps Advocate Redgate

Kendra Little is a Microsoft Certified Master and a Microsoft MVP. Kendra fell in love with the challenge of deploying software to a complex database environment when she worked in a build operations team at a software startup. She went on to become a database administrator for performance critical databases at Microsoft Corporation. Since then, Kendra has worked internationally as a teacher and consultant, and founded the training site SQL Workbooks. She joined Redgate as a Product Evangelist in 2018.