Ansible is open source software used for configuration management, server provisioning, application deployment and general automation tasks. It can be used to manage both Windows and Linux based systems, running on-premise or in the public cloud. Despite its ability to perform a vast array of tasks, Ansible is reliable, secure and easy to get up and running quickly. Thanks in part to its agentless architecture, Ansible scales effortlessly to hundreds or even thousands of servers. In this presentation we will walk through the basics of installing and configuring an Ansible server and using this server to administer SQL server instances running on Windows and Linux. No prior knowledge of Ansible is expected but an understanding of basic Linux administration will be helpful.


Brian Carrig, Senior Program Manager Microsoft

Brian Carrig is a Microsoft Certified Master of SQL Server and is currently a Senior Program Manager on the SQL Server Tiger Team at Microsoft focusing primarily on persistent memory technology and replication. In a previous life, Brian spent some time as an academic and holds a PhD in Computer Science. He is a native of Dublin, Ireland but now lives with his wife and two daughters in Redmond, Washington. If he is not talking about, thinking about or working with technology you will usually find him watching Chelsea FC.