When working on large SQL Server estates, lacking the total overview is a common challenge. There is a lot of data in the performance and dictionary views but it is hard to visualize in an easy manner. To make sense of the situation you need to gather all the information together in a simple view. Merging data from multiple sources in SQL can be tricky, and lead to complicated SQL queries that require a lot of experience to write and understand. We will show how SQL queries can be mapped in a graph structure and combined with an XPath based query language, using a dedicated query engine, to merge together the data to give clear dashboards across the entire SQL Server estate.


Per Undheim, Senior Database Administrator dbWatch

Per Undheim is a Senior DBA at dbWatch working with R&D, operations and customers on both SQLServer and Oracle cluster platforms. He is actively involved in developing and deploying new features in our products, helping customers with deployment and tuning – and managing several other projects in-house and for customers. He is also our resident security expert having worked as security manager in other companies before joining dbWatch. When not working with SQL server or Oracle issues he is an avid drone builder and pilot making his own electronics and 3d prints.