Design and development may be exciting, but database administration is absolutely critical (and, reasonably well-paying!) The care and feeding of a server tends to get short-changed or neglected.

In this class, we’ll cover the basics of the big five administrator tasks:

  • Backups – You must set up regular backups, to keep copies of your databases…just in case something breaks, or someone makes a bad, bad mistake.
  • Integrity checks – Regularly and automatically check databases for corruption, which is when bits get scrambled, lost, and ruined.
  • Index maintenance – Databases need regular upkeep so they’ll continue to run well.
  • Disk management – It’s actually your job to find out about full disks before they happen. After all, databases grow!
  • Alerting – Alerts tell you what’s wrong, so you don’t have to go looking for problems.

I’ll also provide good references for the other two big basics of admin: security, and performance. Being a database administrator is a big job, but we can cover the extremely important parts in just one session!


Jennifer McCown, Independent Consultant MidnightSQL

Jen McCown is CEO of MinionWare, LLC; a Microsoft Certified Master for SQL Server; and an independent consultant. She is Senior Editor at, where she creates training videos, the DBAs at Midnight webshow, blogs, reviews, and podcasts. Jen is a member, volunteer, and speaker in PASS, and the PASS Women in Technology Virtual Group.