In 15 odd years of working with SQL, you see a lot of weird and unusual database designs. In this session, I’ll take you through some of the more ‘interesting’ design choices (and lack of choices) that I’ve seen over the years, discuss the problems with them and the consequences that happened as a result. All the examples will be based on real-world examples, although with any identifying characteristics carefully removed.


Gail Shaw, Technical Lead Entelect

Gail Shaw is a Database Specialist focusing on database performance tuning and database recovery, with a particular interest in topics such as indexing strategies, execution plans, and writing T-SQL code that performs well and scales gracefully. Gail holds a Microsoft Certified Master certification for SQL Server 2008 and is a Data Platform MVP. She’s a frequent poster on the SQLServerCentral forums, a Pluralsight author, writes articles for both and, and has spoken at SQLSaturdays, SQL Bits and at the PASS Community Summit. Gail has been responsible for extending the lifespan of many an application, by performance-tuning their databases and providing technical guidance on all things SQL Server related.