When In-Memory OLTP was originally introduced it seemed to be the answer to all our problems. No locking! No latching! 100x performance gains! But just as there is no spoon, there is no silver bullet with SQL Server, and In-Memory is not a quick-fix for every scenario. But it *could* be a solution for your environment. How do you know? That’s what we’ll talk about in this session. We’ll discuss the basics of In-Memory and then cover topics such as candidate workloads, figuring out what to migrate, and testing methods that you can use to determine if it really does provide a performance boost. Along the way we’ll clear up any misconceptions you have about In-Memory OLTP, and you’ll walk out of the session knowing whether this is something you should pursue, or put on the back burner until the right opportunity comes along.


Erin Stellato, Principal Consultant SQLskills

Erin Stellato is a Data Platform MVP and lives outside Cleveland, OH. She has almost 20 years of technology experience and has worked with SQL Server since 2003. Her areas of interest include performance tuning, Query Store, Extended Events, and helping accidental/involuntary DBAs understand how SQL Server works. Erin is an active member of the SQL Server community, has volunteered for PASS at the local and national level, and is a regular speaker at conferences including the PASS Summit, SQLIntersection, and SQLBits. Outside of time with family and friends, she enjoys running, spinning, movies, and all things chocolate.