This product is so new even the official name of this exiting product can’t be released just yet, but will be before the session. Join us in this hands-on session to learn about the all new SQL Server manageability and development tool. It will be able to run on Windows, macOS and Linux and will be released with 2017. We will walk through end-to-end database development and management scenarios with SQL Server running anywhere with live demos. We will also demonstrate how a portfolio of SQL Server tools working together can empower database development, administration and DevOps practices much more efficiently, effectively and easily. At the end of session, we will host a Q&A session to share the product insight and future roadmap.


Eric Kang, Sr Program Manager Microsoft

Eric Kang is a Senior Program Manager in Database Systems at Microsoft. His focus area includes multi-os database development tools, CICD automation and DevOps practices for SQL Server running anywhere, in Linux, Windows, containers and container platforms.