Developers and DBAs naturally butt heads with each other over permissions since developers want to be able to fix their code and research issues, but DBAs are the gatekeepers. Robert Verell will discuss Microsoft recommended best practices for setting up users and service account permissions. He will go over common server and database roles and what they actually allow, including roles that should be avoided as potential security loopholes. He will also look into alternatives for elevated database roles, and easier ways of setting up users across an enterprise environment, all as part of how to consolidate your development servers into fewer instances.


Robert Verell, Senior Database Administrator RDX

Robert Verell is a SQL Server professional working in the Nashville area and has worked in healthcare, insurance, and banking. He found his passion for databases by learning SQL Server Integration Services and writing stored procedures, and eventually became a database administrator. Robert is a chapter lead for the Nashville SQL Server User’s Group, a volunteer for SQL Saturday, and was a finalist in the 2016 PASS Summit Speaker Idol competition.