You have badly performing queries. Doesn’t everyone? You’ve done the investigation, you’ve identified a handful of slow queries that need tuning, you’ve got the execution plan and… Now what?

In this demo-heavy session, we’ll look at what the execution plan can tell you about your query performance. We’ll look at several common operators in query plans and their properties and what they mean. We’ll point out a number of red-flags that can be found within the execution plan and we’ll show how to use the information from the plan to tune the query. All queries shown in this session will be based on ones seen in real-world production systems in the last few years.


Gail Shaw is a database specialist from Johannesburg, South Africa, specializing in performance tuning and database optimization. She works for Entelect, a medium-sized custom software development house.

Gail is a frequent poster on the forums and writes for Simple-Talk. She is an MVP for SQL Server and holds the Microsoft Certified Master certification for SQL Server.