In-memory OLTP is a radical new, in-memory technology integrated into SQL Server 2014. This is one of the most exiting technologies for SQL Server in the past 20 years. It has been the cause for much buzz, as is typically the case with disruptive technologies. A lot of misconceptions and hopes have been published and discussed about it. In this session we will introduce the concepts that drove the design of the in-memory OLTP engine. We will learn about its strengths and shortcomings, what is missing in this current release and as important – what NOT to expect from it. We will explore several architectural patterns that were found to benefit the most from migration to in-memory OLTP and understand why. We will also explore some scenarios which are less suited for migration and discuss some migration considerations.


Ami Levin, Mischief Officer Illuminati

Ami is a data nerd that has been designing, consulting, training, writing, and speaking about SQL, relational modeling, and data platform architecture for more than 20 years. Currently works as a freelance consultant, senior SQL instructor at O’Reilly Media, as an author for PluralSight and LinkedIn Learning.


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