Server 2012 Engine has seen a paradigm shift in the number of features offered compared to previous verisons, and its considered one of the best Enterprise Ready SQL versions Microsoft has ever produced. Therefore, it is extremely important to learn about these new features, in order to build the most effective business logic, robust architecture and optimal performance solutions to support Enterprise. In this demo heavy presentation we will cover the following topics: Columnstore Indexes; Indirect Checkpoint; TSQL Extensions and Enhancements; Contained Databases; and Online indexing changes and Extended Events. Finally, we will also see a quick demo of Hekaton, which is an in-memory OLTP feature added in SQL 2014.


Tara Shankar Jana, Sr. Technical Product Manager (Cloud App Dev/Data) Microsoft

Tara works as a Senior Technical Product Manager in the cloud app dev and data team at Microsoft. He is primarily responsible for evangelizing data driven intelligent applications, SQL Server for developer and Azure database services. Tara has more than 10 years of experience in database technologies, and has been working on building Azure solutions for last 3 and 1/2 years. Tara is adept at designing and implementing effective technical business solutions. Possess advanced levels of technical knowledge combined with sound business vision, consulting and technical skills. Web Avatar: Presentation (Technical Events): TechReady (Pre-Con), TechEd-NZ, IGNITE 2016, Virtual SQL PASS, GeekReady, //BUILD Code Labs, //BUILD Code Challenges


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